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We contributed to create the first neo bank in Colombia and to make it the most reliable platform for its service to B2C and B2B users.


  • Created a cloud-native platform based on AWS. Containers became the spinal cord of the platform, along with Lambda to coordinate and handle events.

  • Built functionalities (recharge minutes, savings option or cushion for long-term purchases, money management or pocket for fixed expenses, sending money, payments via QR code, receiving money from abroad through PayPal, etc.).

  • Supported in the definition of the onboarding process and implemented biometrics.


casos-de-exito Nequi


  • From 0 to 18 million users in 6 years.

  • First application in Colombia with face and voice recognition biometrics.

  • Best Digital Bank in 2019 by Celet
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Financial Holding in Dominican Republic 
Insurance subsidiary

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Develop an innovative solution that, through AI, takes all the information from insurance portfolios and makes it available to employees through a chatbot so that they can be more assertive in their commercial management.


  • Accompaniment in identifying challenges, prioritization, and execution of the solution.

  • Training of a Natural Language model, using the GPT-3.5 Turbo (Fine Tuning) Azure OpenAI and Cognitive model.

  • Validation of the degree of user adoption. 

  • Deployment of the solution in the Teams Chatbot.




Model response accuracy

Seconds of response time

Employees preferred a formal interaction style from the three chatbot personalities offered

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Puntos colombia-logo

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We defined a scalable data architecture based on the Serverless Data Lake Framework (SDLF) to centralize the information of more than 18 billion transactions of its partners for business decision-making.


  • We developed the data ingestion from 5 information systems to the Data Lake.

  • We used AWS Database migration service, Redshift and Lambda tools

  • SDLF evolved from version 1 to version 1.4




We designed a robust data solution architecture that addressed data centralization, processing, and analysis requirements. This involved strategically choosing components and services that ensure efficient and scalable data flow.

Data processing  went from 8 hours to
30 min

Segmentation models went from

1 to 10

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Bank in Florida

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Design a streamlined Onboarding and Account Opening process that integrates automation, digitization, and system cohesion to simplify and digitalize processes, reduce manual workload, and improve the end-to-end customer experience.


  • Process consulting to understand how the bank is doing (AS-IS).

  • Proposal of how the processes should be (TO-BE).

  • Design the reference architecture with tools and technologies.





Decrease in manual tasks in the process due to improved automation, system connectivity, and information replication.

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Corporate and Investment Banking

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We made digital onboarding available in 3 channels: app, portal and assisted channels.


  • We restructured the flow for the opening of multiple products.

  • We designed the enrollment phase for Legal Entities that allows the enrollment of a company in 15 minutes.

  • We integrated the enrollment of natural persons with onboarding.

  • We implemented the flows for the housing product simulators.



We reduced product opening from 3 days to
7 min.

In 3 years, products with digital onboarding went from
0 to 10.

products were delivered in the last half of 2022

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Multi Region Investment and Capital Bank

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Automate the natural person onboarding process, standardizing the back office processes in a customer-centric value stream.


  • Through BPM, we centralized business rules and designed user experience.

  • We used as main enablers the integration of systems through API and microservices.

  • We performed the deployment of cloud infrastructure.



reduction in manual and operative tasks of the customers updating process.

We generated agility in the process, reducing them from
2 days to 
20 minutes

Enrollment process went from  
7 days to 24 hrs

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Bank from Panama

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We helped them modernize the process of receiving and sending interbank ACH and SWIFT transactions through native cloud applications, providing their customers with greater scalability, security, agility, and availability.


  • We implemented it on AWS cloud, and used high-end technologies as Serverless and Dynamo. 

  • We used highly scalable, high-performance components with 23 functions contained in 12 AWS Lambda applications.

  • We automated the process of sendings and interbank transactions and the management of subsequent rejections.



transactions in 6 seconds.

Availability to make payments

Reduced infrastructure costs and greater security of the information transmitted.

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Discover how we help leading Retail brands

Colombia's largest spirits distributor and retailer

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We increased the B2B customer base, improving management, order experience and payment methods (hybrid asset Vtex IO + A Bespoke).


  • We designed and developed an application in React Native and Java. 

  • We deployed the solution in the AWS cloud.

  • We automated the process of creating and registering customers and managing payments and portfolio for the customer.

  • We built a middle layer and integrated billing, inventory and delivery logistics services.

casos-de-exito Mobile-app-B2B


of B2B channel sales are made through the App.

Synchronization of the order with the ERP went from
40 to
7 minutes 

The order tracking flow was completed for both IT and the end use.

Colombia's biggest Retailer

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We created a mobile platform to offer products and services to more than 1 million people with a superior digital experience (Vtex).


  • We migrated the E-commerce of the two biggest brands to Vtex IO.

  • We moved the entire portfolio from the website of the largest retail platform in South America to a hybrid and more transactional application.

  • We provided support of a 4+ million people operation (microservices).

  • We built a 15 people team, including architects, QA, designers, UX, DevOps, Android and iOs developers.



4+ million
App downloads in two years

User growth (2023 vs 2022).

We provided an experience that connects with the brand's purpose, is easy to use, easy to navigate and intuitive.

South American Beverage seller and distributor

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Building the online sales ecosystem avoiding channel cannibalization and efforts duplication.


  • Develop the brand's new digital channels for more direct customer contact. 

  • Acquire information from future users to learn from them and offer better products and services.  

  • Create a customized and owned promotions engine.

casos-de-exito Sales-ecosystem


2 platforms
> We Like = Social Selling platform (community)
> We Shop = B2C Sales Channel Canal 

Decoupled and articulated ecosystem
Middle Layer

Costa Rica’s biggest Retailer

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Improved shopping experience in APP and .COM
Increased user acquisition and retention.


  • Heuristic analysis of brand assets to identify critical points for improvement.

  • Detailed competitor benchmarking to find leverage opportunities.

  • Renewed and improved digital design system.

casos-de-exito Digital-channels


Upgrade Commerce
> Simplification of purchasing flows
> New information architecture

Prioritization and estimation 

Multi beverage capsule system

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The incursion into digital sales.
Definition and implementation of their online transactional channel.


  • Service Blueprint of the online As Is and To Be process.

  • First sales to the end user (B2C) and the corporate user (B2B).

  • Positioning of the digital channel.

  • Customization of Vtex to the capsule sales model, which is carried out through packages that users choose according to their flavor preferences.



B2C / B2B
> Migration from Shopify to Vtex IoT
> Digitization of the checkout process
> Self-manageable end-to-end process

asset strategy

A beloved Colombian brand

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To be an Omnichannel organization with great digital power and a unique customer and product vision (Vtex IO).


  • We are currently defining, designing, and implementing their B2B channel.

  • Enabling and training the channel team.

  • Integration of the ERP systems, logistics, and databases, among others.

casos-de-exito- Omnichannel


> Definition, design, and channels development
> Development of an integration layer

consulting to define your implementation route

Marketplace for a textile company

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Growth commerce of their sales channel to evolve it
Migration from Woocommerce to Vtex.


  • Experience redesign.

  • Creation of action flows.

  • New visual image and interfaces.

  • Asset positioning.

casos-de-exito Growth-commerce-migration


100% (X2)
(2023 vs 2022)
> Increase in average ticket
> Increase in total sales

Tailor-made and self-manageable
profile module

Retail company in Colombia

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Growth commerce para su activo principal en Vtex IO
eCommerce + Marketplace 


  • Improved checkout 

  • Increased number of sales closings

  • Improved usability for conversion 

  • Optimization of showcases

  • Decrease in cart abandonment 

  • Improved category tree

casos-de-exito Growth commerce


Customized functionalities

Chat GPT (AI) 
for data processing and insights findings

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