Terms and conditions

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The www.pragma.co website, simply “website” or “the website,” is owned by PRAGMA S.A. (hereinafter, PRAGMA).

Access to and use of the website, as well as participation in the forums or interactive features it offers, are free of charge, and we assume that you have understood and accepted these terms and conditions. The website users will be identified hereinafter as “the user,” who must be of legal age or authorized by their legal representatives to access it.

Terms and conditions The www.pragma.co website, simply “website” or “the website,” is owned by PRAGMA S.A. (hereinafter, PRAGMA). Access to and use of the website, as well as participation in the forums or interactive features it offers, are free of charge, and we assume that you have understood and accepted these terms and conditions. The website users will be identified hereinafter as “the user,” who must be of legal age or authorized by their legal representatives to access it.

a.Content Ownership

The website may contain texts, notices, images, videos, animations, cartoons, graphics, databases, applications, app demonstrations and, generally, a series of legal assets protected by national and international regulations on intellectual property. Unless otherwise stated, all content is owned by PRAGMA S.A. In the sections with interactive features, such as comments, articles, and other content owned by the user or third parties, they will be responsible for their authorship, observing the provisions below.

No authorization is granted for the total or partial reproduction, translation, inclusion, transmission, storage, or access through analog, digital, or any other means, system, or technology created, or to be created, of any content owned by PRAGMA or third parties that have licensed it for use on the website without prior written authorization of its owner, if required by PRAGMA. 

Non-transferable and limited access to the website is allowed solely for your use or that of your staff, without any business purpose, provided that the contents and notices of authorship or ownership will remain unmodified. When downloads are allowed, it will be expressly stated, together with the specific terms of use.

Any violation of these restrictions implies the cancellation without notice of the permits granted and the user’s consequent obligation to destroy the content downloaded or accessed by any means.

Except for the limited permit above, PRAGMA does not grant the user, even tacitly, any right or license to any patent, trademark, copyright, or other intellectual property rights. The user may not duplicate any part of the content of this site on another website or medium.

When the user includes any material of their authorship in the interaction features, the user guarantees PRAGMA that they were created or acquired without violating any third party right and authorizes PRAGMA to verify it. In uploading, including, or attaching any content, the user grants PRAGMA the necessary licenses or authorizations to reproduce, adapt, compile, store, and distribute the content provided by him through this website free of charge and non-exclusively. This free license includes authorizing PRAGMA to publish the contents in any medium, electronic, or physical, and sub-license it to any parent company, affiliate, or subsidiary thereof. If the user violates any third party right, the user agrees to hold PRAGMA www.pragma.co harmless from any claim made by whoever asserts to be the legitimate owner.

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b. Referral to and from Other Websites

In the events in which PRAGMA, users, or third parties include links or references to other internet pages that can be accessed from the website and do NOT belong to PRAGMA, its parent companies, affiliates, or subsidiaries, PRAGMA is not and will not be held liable for, and does not and will not exercise control over, them and their contents. Therefore, the technical suitability, including security, or quality of the information contained therein will not be guaranteed.

When such links lead to sites belonging to partners or products of PRAGMA’s partnerships with third parties, it will be expressly stated.

Any link to this website must be approved in writing by PRAGMA, provided they will not contain misleading advertising, cause confusion as to whether a product or service is approved or recommended, involve frame creation, or modify the contents in any way. The user, in any case, accepts that if PRAGMA so considers, PRAGMA may revoke the permission granted in writing, and the user will be obliged to remove the links from its websites.

c. Privacy Policy

When the user accesses the website, PRAGMA may request some user’s personal or property information, which will be hereinafter referred to as “the data” and requested by PRAGMA only to:

  • Store them.
  • Maintain and improve the conditions in which services are provided, as well as their maintenance, management, administration, provision, and expansion.
  • Create a community of people.
  • Optimize the use of services by the user.
  • Send invitations to academic events and informative content. Send invitations to participate in Academica Pragma events and activities.
  • Offer new transactions associated with its operation, including promotions, offers, business opportunities, advertising, etc. In accepting this privacy policy, the user expressly authorizes PRAGMA to receive commercial information from the website or third parties at the email or contact address registered on the website.
  • Under PRAGMA’s responsibility, the data will be subject to automated processing by the website directly or through a secure hosting provider, incorporating them into the relevant automated files.
  • PRAGMA guarantees total privacy of the data related to transactions, integrity in the exchanged messages, and mechanisms for logging transactions made.

  • PRAGMA has adopted adequate security levels to protect the data provided through its services and has taken technical measures available to prevent the loss, misuse, alteration, unauthorized access, or theft of the data. However, given that the nature of the data mobilized by the platform is not private or confidential, the security measures are associated with the risk level of information considered low impact. In any case, PRAGMA is not responsible for malicious acts of third parties that seek to undermine the security measures adopted. 
  • All rights, duties, and obligations, as well as the communication channels related to personal data processing, may be consulted in the Data Processing Policy at www.pragma.co 
  • PRAGMA may send cookies to the user (a text file sent to the user’s hard drive when entering the website that contains certain information, generally provided by the user himself when he visits such site). The cookies sent by the website have the sole purpose of making it easier for the user to navigate the web sites and pages and their access to services more pleasant. Thanks to cookies, the website will recognize the registered user, without having to register on each visit, to access the areas and services freely selected by the user.

Any assignment of data to third parties by PRAGMA and their use for purposes other than those mentioned in this regulation shall obtain the prior express consent of the user by any suitable means. As a rule, PRAGMA will not reveal any data to third parties, except if the user has given their authorization.

d. Participation in Interaction Spaces

Participation in user interaction spaces, such as forums, blogs, chats, etc., require knowledge and acceptance of these terms of use. In each space of this nature, the user will be identified accurately, or there will be the mechanisms to do so. In the events in which a user inflicts damage on a third party, the user shall defend PRAGMA. www.pragma.co against any claim made. 

  • The specific rules of participation in these spaces are as follows: 
  • The password and other security elements provided are your sole responsibility. Thus, any activity carried out under your user’s identification data will be considered your responsibility. 
  • Any activity that violates Colombian legal regulations will entail the termination of the rights of use in the interaction spaces, the removal of the user’s content and, if so determined by PRAGMA or its consultants, notice will be given to the authorities of the possible commission of a crime, including identification data. The preceding requires users’ full respect for the rights of third parties on the material they publish. 
  • Posting content that involves or suggests discrimination for any reason, damages the reputation, honor, or image and, in general, violates any right of any person is prohibited.
  • Using rude, defamatory, threatening, denigrating, false, fraudulent, inaccurate, or offensive language against any person, individual, or community is prohibited.
  • Intimidating other users or carry out any activity that may involve persecution or discrimination of a user or a third party is prohibited.
  • Using interaction spaces for political or religious proselytism is prohibited, notwithstanding the user’s freedom to express their ideas in accordance with their beliefs and convictions.
  • Using interaction spaces for disseminating, promoting, or marketing any product or service is prohibited. 
  • Only personal —not collective— use is allowed in any of the forms of association recognized and to be recognized by national legislation. 
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It is forbidden to send mass emails to other users of this website or transmitting viruses or any destructive code.

The violation of these provisions entails the removal of the user from the interaction spaces.

The comments and opinions expressed will be subject to moderation or validation to observe the provisions in these use practices.

In any case, PRAGMA reserves the right to include, or not, the material received by users on the website.

The design, management, purpose, and characteristics of any interaction space on the website are at PRAGMA’s discretion, which may at any time change or delete them or determine the number of participants admitted to each.

e. Liability Exclusions

PRAGMA does not guarantee the availability and continuous operation of the website, but it will try, when possible, to warn of any interruptions.

PRAGMA does not guarantee the usefulness of the website to carry out any particular activity, nor the infallibility of the information contained therein, nor that the information is correct, updated or complete. PRAGMA warns that this site may contain technical inaccuracies or typographical errors. Therefore, the user must confirm that the information published be accurate and complete before making any decision related to any service, product, or subject posted on this website.

PRAGMA does not guarantee that once an error has been reported, it will be fixed or corrected in a specified time. PRAGMA is not liable for any damages that may arise from the unavailability or discontinuity of the website’s operation, the utility that users could have mistakenly attributed to the website and services, the fallibility of the website and, particularly, but not exclusively, failures in access to the pages or sections of the website.

PRAGMA is not liable to any party for any damage arising or derived from the website, its use, or any site or resource linked to the website or to which reference is made or is accessed through the website, nor for the use, download, or access to any material, information, products, or services contained therein.

PRAGMA does not control or guarantee and, therefore, is not liable for viruses or other elements in the contents of the website that may cause alterations in the user’s computer system (software and hardware) or in electronic documents and files stored in the user’s computer system. www.pragma.co

f. Limitation of Guarantee

This site will be used under the user’s responsibility, without it being understood that any guarantee is granted on the contents since this is NOT a marketing channel. Any content is delivered “as is” without any guarantee.

The user accepts that if they obtain content from the website by any means, they do so under their responsibility, being solely liable for the damages that may be caused.