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Process Digitization - Redesigning for Value

Redesign key processes through digitization, leveraging the right technology enablers to create outstanding value for both customers and your company.

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Reduce operational loads and delivery times by evaluating current processes and identifying improvement opportunities. Utilize appropriate technological enablers such as process automation (BPM), business rules automation (ODM), and document information recognition and processing (OCR) to streamline your business.


Integrate customers into all your services and streamline their procedures in a 100% digital manner. Incorporate multi-layer verification, authenticate identity without manual processes, and prevent fraud. Develop solutions compliant with regulations in each country.



Optimize and secure your customers' products through authentication processes. Provide secure and frictionless experiences for financial institution users with facial recognition, voice recognition, fingerprint, Pin/Passphrase, and transactional verification.


Enhance agent productivity and customer experience across digital channels with a contact center powered by ML and AI. Leverage Amazon Connect to set up a cost-effective, user-friendly contact center that scales to serve millions of customers.

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Over ten companies in different industries use SoyYo in their prosses

We created teams of IT specialists that became part of the project's development and used AWS to create different functionalities. 

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Increase security in transactions from all devices.

Increase security in transactions from all devices.

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