Pragma & AWS Cloud Solutions For Retail

Empower your customers' lives with sophisticated cloud solutions crafted by industry experts specializing in the Retail and CPG sectors.

Our extensive knowledge of AWS technologies allows us to deliver high values, improve people's lives and create digital ecosystems with excellent results.
Our solutions:

Digital Commerce:

We define, design, and develop high-quality commerce platforms that enhance the experience, improve efficiency, increase sales, and transform the business.

We are experts in: Content Management Systems, Distributed Order Management, E-commerce Migration, Unified Commerce and Bot Protection.

Using these AWS Services:
- Amazon Personalize
- Amazon Lex
- Amazon CloudSerach
- AWS Amplify
- AWS Shield


Advance Data:

We connect strategy, data, and technology to positively impact Retail, making intelligent use of information.
We are experts in: Business Intelligence and Analytics, Personalization, Data Lake, Product Analytics, Document Processing, and Generative AI.
Using these AWS Services:
- Amazon SageMaker
- Amazon EMR
- Amazon Kinesis
- Amazon Athena
- Amazon QuickSight
- Amazon Redshift
- Amazon BedRock
- Amazon Q


Customer Engagement:

We create data-driven solutions that enable more valuable interactions and more effective customer and business relationships
We are experts in: Customer Data Platforms, Contact centers, AI for chatbots, and Target marketing
Using these AWS Services:
- Amazon Connect
- Amazon Personalize
- Amazon Lex
- AWS Pinpoint
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Delivering tangible outcomes, Making Real Impacts

We take ownership of clients' challenges, objectives, and results as if they were ours to achieve excellent outcomes with real impacts. 



We developed a 100% digital with more than 12 million users

We helped Nequi reach the category of Best Digital Banking worldwide by changing how banks relate to users.

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Empower Your Loyalty Program - Serving 6.3 Million Colombians

At Pragma, we've strategically defined a scalable data architecture, developed a cutting-edge data lake, and seamlessly facilitated the intake of over 1000 million records.

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AWS certifies our experience providing high-value solutions
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