Devops Competency

Develop technological solutions based on automation and collaborative work. Reduce errors, rework, and risks related to software development.

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What is DevOps?

DevOps is a set of practices and concepts that, when implemented, promote communication and integration between development and operations teams, agilely improving delivery times of new software versions and ensuring software quality.

All of this is based on the following:

1-Mar-08-2023-06-00-16-5513-PM  Task automation.
2-Mar-08-2023-06-00-28-3466-PM  Quality testing.
3-Mar-08-2023-06-00-57-3797-PM  Appropriate infrastructure management.

Benefits of implementing DevOps

Increase the frequency and quality of deployments.  

Reduce time to market for products and services.

Accelerate compliance with regulatory requirements.

Improve quality and customer satisfaction.

Reduce the severity and frequency of failures.

Improve recovery time and data security.

Bring to present all releases.
Early identification of vulnerabilities in the code.

More incredible speed and agility in the security application.

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We take ownership of your challenges, objectives, and results as if they were ours to achieve excellent outcomes with real impacts together. 



An AWS-powered solution for an investment and capital bank

We used Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment to build a secure, cloud-based trasactional portal. 

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Two decades of transforming customer relationship management

Since the early days of the internet in Colombia to the unbounded power of cloud solutions, we helped Grupo Familia create innovative ways to interact with clients. 

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DevOps fundamental pillars

Pragma recommends adopting and implementing the CALMR model, which is aligned with agile culture and transformation consulting to improve workflows and evangelize the organization about DevOps practices.

From planning to delivery, the goal of DevOps is to improve collaboration across the value chain by developing and automating the delivery pipeline to enhance the frequency and quality of deployments, making experimentation safer, decreasing time to market, and improving the mean recovery time.

This model proposed by SAFe attacks five (5) fundamental fronts during the consultancy. 

Models and Flows

Our model guarantees comprehensive deployments in security and development.


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We leverage industry models to assess DevOps practices that determine the DevOps adoption and implementation process.



Processes for creating, testing, and deploying code whenever there is a code change based on software release process models.


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We leverage AWS Elastic Beanstalk as an orchestration platform to handle deployments from capacity provisioning, load balancing, and autoscaling to application health monitoring.


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