Retail Competency 

Create extraordinary digital experiences in the retail industry. Enhance your business and user understanding to build agile digital assets based on data and the technology necessary to improve lives and transform companies. 


Our Retail Challenges

Integration and alignment of the channel ecosystem to provide more efficient and successful experiences:

  • Consulting and immersion in the business.

  • Implementation and enablement of architectures.

  • Implementation of middle layers.

  • Definition and creation of online sales channels (e-commerce, marketplace, apps, among others).

Update technologically and reduce operational burdens for a flexible and scalable business.

Provide customers with products and services that fit their daily lives.

Know your customers and make data-based decisions using advanced analytics.

Have trained and expert IT teams.

How do we approach an online sales ecosystem project?

At Pragma, we focus on solutions for online sales ecosystems considering three fundamental pillars: user, technology, and business. These pillars converge to create successful and scalable projects.

First, we dive into understanding the business and what need the project wishes to meet for end users. We analyze objectives, evaluate the current situation, and design an experience focused on the people who will use the solution. To define this vision, we carry out experimentation and validation processes with users, allowing us to make more informed decisions when designing and developing the solution.

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Once we have placed the user at the center and understood the business’s particularities, we enter the technology sphere. Technology acts as our enabler, whether we opt for an out-of-the-box solution or decide to create a custom one. Regardless of the choice, we implement the AWS Well-Architected framework, which establishes a set of pillars and design principles. These principles ensure best practices in operability, security, reliability, performance, and cost optimization.

Our methodology guarantees that the digital solution we build truly addresses a business need. Besides, we ensure that it meets user expectations and is supported by a robust platform deployed in the services provided by AWS. This solid foundation allows our customers to expand their businesses, foster innovation, and maintain exceptional levels of security at all times.

We rely on AWS services to meet business and technical needs and fulfill this value proposition.

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Use the power of AWS and cater to technical and business needs 

Static Site Hosting

Used as a web server for static sites, it handles requests to the backend of pages using GET/POST requests or leverages the JavaScript SDK to access AWS services directly when needed.

Improved Performance in Web Content Delivery

We use this service to increase the performance of web applications and significantly reduce latency in delivering content to users. The service uses a global network of points that cache copies of files in high demand or close to viewers.

Non-relational Database (NoSQL)

Along the lines of the other managed services mentioned, the solution guarantees the service’s high availability, data durability, and the optimization of internal components to meet table performance requirements.

Authentication, Authorization, and Data Synchronization

This service is a user directory that stores mobile user data such as login credentials, passwords, additional details, and statuses. There is no need to create backend code or manage infrastructure. Data can be saved locally on devices, allowing the app to work temporarily without an internet connection.

Entry Point for the Backend:

We use this fully managed service to create, publish, operate, monitor, and secure APIs at any scale. The service handles all tasks related to accessing and processing hundreds of thousands of simultaneous API calls. This includes traffic management, authorization, access control, monitoring, and API version management.

This component is the cornerstone of middleware, where all the exposed microservices are deployed so that applications operate optimally according to business needs.

Real Impact, exceptional Outcomes

Join the companies that have already achieved their business objectives thanks to Pragma’s Retail services.


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