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What is Lambda?

At Pragma, we are experts in AWS Lambda. This service allows you to automatically respond to execution requests at any scale and save costs by paying only for the time used. Run code for any application without provisioning and managing infrastructure.

How do we do it?

  1. In our success stories with AWS Lambda, we look at the compute capabilities required to deliver the most value to the business and end user.

  2. We determine the use of Lambda according to security, reliability, performance, concurrency, lifetime, integration type, and cost needs using the most appropriate features and the integrations of the most relevant services to enhance these attributes. 

  3. We build architectures with services to create infrastructure as code, such as CloudFormation or the AWS SAM serverless application model.

Great outcomes, real impacts

Éxito transformed its Seller Center using Lambda:


The Grupo Éxito Seller Center aims to increase reach and accessibility by facilitating the onboarding and self-management process for its sellers, products, and offers.

Grupo Éxito used an expensive and inflexible tool to make the changes required by the business. Therefore, with Lambda, we proposed a secure, auto-scalable, elastic, serverless architecture entirely on AWS, capable of supporting business requirements and reducing execution costs.

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