Pragma's path to the AWS Data and Analytics Competency

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Dec 5, 2023 8:37:45 AM

Pragma has just become the first Colombian company to achieve the AWS Data and Analytics Competency. This recognition results from the hard work of several engineers and data architects led by Monica Rodriguez Calvache, Pragma's Data Science Chapter leader.

"This was like doing another master's thesis," says Rodriguez when asked to explain the challenge of reaching this milestone. He also emphasized the support received by other areas of Pragma, particularly the experience of Andrés Bermúdez, who has been supporting other certification processes. Thanks to this previous work, the Data Science team was able to "build on what was built," says Rodriguez.

As with other AWS certifications that Pragma has obtained, the requirements went far beyond proving Pragma's experience building successful solutions.

Rodriguez explains that, in addition to documenting success stories that spoke to a high level of expertise in building modern data architectures, the Data and Analytics Competency also required strengthening and certifying Pragma's knowledge.

Today, in Pragma's Data chapter, many pragmatics have the AWS Cloud Practitioner certification, but there is also a growing group of experts who have achieved the AWS Data and Analytics Specialty, required for the certification process. In addition, other certifications empower Business Intelligence and analytics projects such as the AWS Certified Machine Learning Specialty.

Developing Data analytics solutions with cutting-edge technology

Rodriguez also remarks that Pragma has developed several crucial data and analytics projects to achieve this certification. 

Among these is the case of Puntos Colombia, where Pragma built a data solution based on the Serverless Data Lake Framework that integrates all sources of information and today serves as the basis for constructing its Data Warehouse.

Thanks to this project, Puntos Colombia can receive and process information from more than 18,000 million transactions from its multiple allies and some of Colombia's largest retail companies, visualize data in real time, and create advanced analytical models. The project also enables the generation of highly personalized campaigns and services that significantly impact end users' experience. 

Another success story AWS evaluated to grant the certification was that of Dislicores. This retail company worked with Pragma to create a scalable data architecture based on the AWS Well-Architected Framework to facilitate fast and unified access to information. This work allowed the organization to have a user view in both the B2b and B2C channels, from which it was possible to build segmentation models. 

In addition to these public cases, there are others in the financial and CPG industries in which cutting-edge technology was used, such as the implementation of modern data architectures like Data Mech or proprietary methodologies that have been refined with each project and aim to create a roadmap to raise the client's analytical maturity that encompasses critical factors such as architecture, governance, and data analysis. 

A special AWS partner

The Data and Analytics Competency joins other quality certifications in Retail, DevOPS, and Advertising and Marketing Technology that Pragma has received from AWS. These certifications are a testament to years of hard work, cementing Pragma as a leader in using Amazon services to accelerate the digital transformation of its allies.

In June 2023, Pragma earned the AWS Rising Star award for its outstanding work as an Amazon partner in the region. More recently, in obtaining the Retail Competency, Miguel Viena, Head of Cloud Business Development, highlighted how Pragma is taking steps to become a select group of AWS partners, which for Pragmatics means the possibility of getting to work on international projects that allow them to push their knowledge to the next level. At the same time, Pragma's customers guarantee the value the company brings to their projects. 


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