Are Your Customers Leaving? This Might Be The Reason

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May 24, 2023 5:15:40 PM

Did you know that about 52 percent of customers will switch to a competitor if they have a single negative impression?.

Today's customers want instant, personalized, and effective resolutions to their problems. Businesses must prioritize providing exceptional customer experiences, whether online, via a call, text, chat, or voice-based or chat-based self-service.

And this is about retaining clients and wanting current customers to stick longer with the brand. According to Forrester, customers are 2.4 times more likely to stick with a brand when their problems are solved quickly. 

Even though brands have access to this data and see clients' churn daily, they still need the appropriate tools to uncover hidden information from each customer's experience.

What our experience has shown us

Our vast experience shows that some brands are increasing their new customers and human resources for the contact centers at the same rate. The reason is the lack of technology applied to these kinds of processes, which results in long-term unsustainable practices for the company. 

Businesses should be aware that increasing their customer base requires increasing their support capacity, which should be planned in advance. 

Automating contact centers is an alternative to improve your customer experience while reducing the need for human workers. Some might doubt automating experiences feeling they might lose the human touch, but that's not the case. 

Understanding users' behaviors, needs, and preferences is crucial to offer outstanding personalized experiences without losing that humanity. 

An alternative that solves this CX problem

Amazon Connect is an AWS solution that provides omnichannel experiences and automated self-service options to enable faster, more delightful resolutions the first time while reducing customer and agent effort.

In addition, your customers will receive answers to their queries quickly, efficiently, and autonomously thanks to the integration and coordination of the service ecosystem that leverages our solutions. All this will reduce the number of agents needed to support your contact center and improve the visibility of your brand or product, not to mention the advantages in terms of ROI, which according to Forrester can be up to  241%. 

What are the benefits of implementing an Omnichannel Experience Center?

  • User loyalty and satisfaction
    By solving inquiries faster, customers will stick longer to your brand. Statistics also show that "61% of consumers will pay at least 5% more if they know they'll get a good customer experience" (Emplifi).

  • Better perception of your brand based on user experience

    As customers better perceive your brand, chances of word-of-mouth recommendations increase. That's relevant because, on average, word-of-mouth drives $6 trillion in annual global spending and is responsible for 13% of all sales.

  • Greater value creation for your product
    Of course! When brands can provide a complete experience (since the attraction to support and repurchase), products will capture more value. Remember the customer's willingness to pay more to have a seamless experience.

  • Reduced average response time in customer service
    When companies automate their contact center, they provide 24/7 self-service, meaning clients can solve their issues anytime, faster, and without incurring extra-costs. 

  • Security of your customers' information
    ML allows real-time authentication and fraud risk detection. You can guarantee information security while ensuring scalability. Additionally, when the platform finds sensitive information, it automatically hides it. 

  • Adaptability and scalability of your Contact Center
    Customers change, businesses change, and technology changes. As a platform that follows the rules based on conditions, these platforms make it possible to update rules very fast to adapt and scale efficiently. 

  • Flexibility with a Cloud-based service
    By being on the cloud, you will be able to experiment with new solutions, flows, new integrations, and more, without having to pay licensing fees, and with the flexibility that the cloud offers. 

  • Flexibility with a Cloud-based service
    By being on the cloud, you will be able to experiment with new solutions, flows, new integrations, and more, without having to pay licensing fees, and with the flexibility that the cloud offers. 

  • Human attention without more human resources
    When companies optimize their points of contact, the available resources will be focusing on those particular cases that are needing the most and personalized attention, increasing their satisfaction.

Since customers are turning into competitors because of the poor experiences that brands offer them, and 73% of the respondents of a PWC survey point to experience as an important factor in purchasing decisions, it's worth considering an automated solution for your business.

If you'd like to discuss it intensely, please get in touch with us to set a 30-minute meeting.



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