We are Pragma

We are an IT Services and Digital Transformation company founded 27 years ago to improve people's lives by transforming businesses.

We have operations in the Unites States, Latam, and development hubs in Colombia and Peru.


Big tech consultants' capabilities, with the client obsession of a boutique

We have found that the greatest value creation relies on capabilities and services combined. In here is where our value proposition lies. 

Big consulting tech firms

Knowledge and technical capabilities

  • Proven experience in big projects and clients.
  • Experts and consultants specialized in banking and retail.
    Hiring and growth of superior talent.
  • Knowledge and modern tech stack application
  • Globally certified software development frameworks, structures, and processes.
  • Partners ecosystem that bring deep expertise and the right technology.


Tech Boutiques

Dedication and service level

  • Dedicated accompaniment from company experts.
  • Flexibility to agilely adapt to our client's needs.
  • Practical and outcome-oriented solutions.
  • High employee and clients engagement.
  • Team-players and propositive, driving new insights and opportunities for our customers.
  • Deep industry expertise and service lines.

The Best of Both Worlds


Why trusting us?

We have been in the market for over two decades, helping Financial institutions achieve their digital goals and improve the lives of their customers in nine countries of the Americas.

1,100 + Pragmatics

World-class talent ready to start working

27+ Years of experience

Creating memorable experiences for Financial and Retail companies.

76 Net Promoter Score

How likely respondents are to recommend a product or service


Employee Net Promoter Score (/100)

4,7 Clutch Reviews Score

Our clients are happy with what we have built for them


Our path has enabled us to accomplish great results, including the following:


Becoming the primary partner of Nequi, Colombia's first digital bank. With over 14 million users, it has been awarded by Celeron as the Best Digital Bank in the world in 2019.

Most innovative partner of Bancolombia (NYSE:CIB), the largest bank in Colombia with operations in El Salvador, United States, Guatemala, Caiman Islands, Panama, Peru and Puerto Rico.



Pragma has more than 1,100 people fully committed to delivering value in our projects, including senior engineers with over ten years of experience.

Meet our team: