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Achieve your organizational goals by intelligently leveraging the power of strategy, data, and technology.

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Collaborate with expert IT teams to tackle and solve data challenges such as: 

Design, plan, collect, and manage your organization's data, enabling its effective utilization to tackle strategic challenges.

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Leverage available data to create descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive models, influencing brand objectives through powerful Machine Learning techniques that enhance your organization's competitive advantage.

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Build a robust data architecture tailored to your business needs, optimizing data management from collection to consumption, ensuring seamless handling and practical application.

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Organize and manage data availability, usability, security, and integrity, empowering strategic organizational decision-making through well-defined processes, skilled personnel, and cutting-edge technology.

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Enhance data collection, measurement, analysis, and visualization to gain deep insights into customer behavior across all interaction channels.

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6.3 million Colombians accumulate points from their purchases.

We defined a scalable data architecture, developed the data lake, and facilitated over 1,000 million records ingestion.

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Two million people receive personalized recommendations.

Through our cutting-edge data analytics methodologies, we achieved a unique vision of the user, generating personalized recommendations that resulted in an astounding 81% conversion rate.

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Our expertise encompasses the most advanced technologies and industry-leading partners in the market, empowering your data transformation journey.

Roles that create value through data transformation.

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Link Business Objectives with Data Opportunities: Seamlessly align your business objectives with valuable data insights, unlocking new opportunities for growth and success.

Promptly Monitor Objectives for Data-Driven Decision-Making: Stay ahead of the game by monitoring your objectives in real-time, enabling agile and data-driven decision-making.

Anticipate Market Trends and User Behavior Changes: Harness the power of data to anticipate market trends and understand users' changing behaviors, gaining a competitive edge.

Effortlessly Deploy Analytical Data Models: Leverage Pragma's expertise to effortlessly deploy analytical data models, enabling you to derive actionable insights efficiently.

Ensure Consistent, Complete, and Accurate Data: Rely on Pragma's meticulous data management to ensure your data remains consistent, complete, and accurate, enabling confident decision-making

Optimize Customer Acquisition and Increase Lifetime Value (LTV): Utilize data-driven strategies to optimize customer acquisition and enhance customer lifetime value, driving long-term success.

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