Life at Pragma

You can travel and enjoy the world while doing your job”

Alex Buelvas, team leader

More than 1000 Pragmatics are boosting their growth working from the United States, Colombia, Peru and other countries in Central and South America.

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Experience Centers

More than offices, we have spaces where we experience our way of working and enjoying good company, whether playing a game of table tennis, drinking a beer, or enjoying a game of pool. 

These are some of our experience centers in the main cities of Colombia.

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Our Culture

We gather in a single document everything unique about working at Pragma. 

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Dedicated teams

We define, design, and develop the solution with a team fully dedicated to your project.

Hybrid teams

We augment your IT team with the right talent to cover a specific role.

At Pragma, you find friends for life” 
 Sara Upegui,  audiovisual producer


Leave the creative block behind. Share your drawings and face challenges in the company of other Pragmatics who will take your creativity to the next level.


If, in addition to coding, you are interested in dancing, this space is for you. Come and discover and create incredible stories while we have a great time on the dance floor.


In Pragamers you take control of your destiny. Learn, share and connect with a community passionate about video games.


 Get ready for your next race and support social initiatives with every mile you run.


Find your path to professional growth

“In months, I went from Trainee to Junior L2.”

Valentina Monsalve, UI designer.

According to your skills, Pragma will provide a personalized road map with the courses and knowledge you need to learn to evolve in your career.

Work surrounded by good company

Grow with experts who share knowledge and help you go even further.

Meet unique teams

Work on world-class projects

“We have huge projects that impact millions of people.”

Jonnatan Sanchez, computer science leader.

We work with clients and significant challenges that allow us to leverage the full power of Pragma.

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