What Are the Benefits of Working with an AWS Competency Partner?

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Aug 11, 2022 10:00:27 AM

We know that all companies face the challenge of creating experiences in which the user receives a personalized treatment, with which we demonstrate how much we understand and value their needs. AWS tools are perfect for achieving this goal.

Companies that are AWS Competency Partners achieve this level of recognition because of the confidence that comes from their technical capabilities. In addition, it allows them to deepen their relationship with Amazon, create better solutions for their customers and strengthen the skills of their IT teams, as well as offer exclusive benefits to their customers.

To receive this competency designation, AWS partners must undergo rigorous technical validation, and there are many depending on the companies' area of expertise.

Today we are going to talk, specifically, about the Competency Partnership that is focused on Digital Customer Experience.

Companies like Pragma that have this competency have excelled in driving customer growth in the following areas:

Content Management

This area refers to the AWS partner's capability to assist its clients in creating, managing and delivering web content for different digital channels.

Automated Marketing

Here, the AWS partner focuses on attracting and retaining customers by turning their data and preferences into personalized services.

In this context, AWS tools create campaigns that interpret the context and automatically generate campaigns to reach customers across multiple channels.

Digital Commerce

Web, social media, cell phones, and assistants such as Alexa or Siri are essential for the digital offerings of modern companies.

AWS Partners help companies strengthen these channels with innovations that improve inventory management, payment systems, after-sales relationship, among others.

Customer 360

In this field, AWS Partners accompany companies to convert data and metrics of your business into an actionable resource, so they can make informed decisions that strengthen ROI.


AWS partners can also serve clients looking to accelerate their digital initiatives, increase ROI and relieve the burden on their internal IT teams. Pragma's talent, strategy, and development are ready to drive your initiatives.

It is important to remember that AWS solutions provide organizations with the infrastructure, storage, and decision-making capabilities to leverage customer data.

It is possible to drive all kinds of strategies with AWS tools and the right partner. Currently, Pragma is a AWS Digital Customer Experience Competency Partner. If you are interested in starting a conversation with us, you can start here.

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