Pragma Achieves the new AWS Advertising and Marketing Technology Competency

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Nov 29, 2023 9:53:55 AM

Pragma, a Custom Software Development and Digital Transformation company, announced today that it has achieved the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Advertising and Marketing Technology Competency in the category of Digital Customer Experience.  Achieving the AWS Advertising and Marketing Technology Competency recognizes Pragma for its expertise in providing customers with both professional services and software solutions that empower advertisers and marketers to reinvent workloads with omnichannel and transactional digital experience solutions that offer faster innovation and cost-performance optimization.

As advertisers and marketers look to leverage the cloud to innovate and achieve digital transformation, they are increasingly in need of partners with services and solutions that are purpose-built to meet their needs. AWS Advertising and Marketing Technology Competency Partners provide these customers – including advertising agencies, marketers, publishers, advertising and marketing technology providers, and analytics service providers – with AWS-validated solutions and services, helping to accelerate their transformation.

Muverang, a company that is expanding the use of sustainable mobility alternatives in Colombia, chose to use Pragma on AWS. They had a challenge that required the development of robust technological foundations from the start, including end-user applications, a web page for self-managing user subscriptions, and web access for business customers and the administrative/operational team. Additionally, the solution provided the best customer experience possible with the least amount of friction and the highest level of usability. Pragma helped them with: evolution of digital channels, database migration and participated in the experience design (UX/UI). Pragma created the entire infrastructure on AWS, and then migrated it to Bancolombia’s AWS Cloud Instance. AWS services provided Pragma the ability to improve delivery times and offer better quality in the final product. This way, we could help Muverang in their pursue of sustainable mobility.

Achieving the AWS Advertising and Marketing Technology Competency differentiates Pragma in the AWS Partner Network (APN) with demonstrated technical proficiency and proven customer success in running cloud solutions. 

To achieve the AWS Advertising and Marketing Technology Competency, AWS Partners must undergo a rigorous technical validation by AWS solution architects and have verified customer references. 

“Pragma is proud to achieve the AWS Advertising and Marketing Technology Competency. Our team is dedicated to boost and scale our client’s business thanks to AWS cloud technologies by delivering outstanding and memorable experiences that will accelerate competitiveness, facilitate the deployment of secure digital solutions, and drive innovation” said Miguel Viana, Head of Cloud Business Development ."

"When we [Puntos Colombia] chose Pragma, the knowledge they had of AWS was very important for us. And indeed, during the project, we could corroborate that they were a great implementer, a great connoisseur of AWS technology, and that was one of the things that facilitated the project and the achievement of results in the end" said Santiago Restrepo, Data and Strategy Director at Puntos Colombia.

AWS is enabling scalable, flexible, and cost-effective solutions from startups to global enterprises. To support the seamless integration and deployment of these solutions, the AWS Competency Program helps customers identify validated AWS Partner solutions and services for specific industry use cases.

Explore the AWS Partner solutions and/or services offered in AWS Data Exchange, AWS Marketplace, or APN Partners, including Pragma.


About Pragma - A Custom Software Development and Digital Transformation company founded 27 years ago to improve people's lives by transforming businesses. We have operations in the USA, Central and South America, and two development hubs in Colombia and Peru. Our more than 1,300 pragmatics have delivered over 700 projects for 150+ clients across the continent on challenges like Cloud Migration and Modernization, Data & Analytics, Digital Customer Experience, Integrations, and more. We work under a Nearshore model, which allows us to deliver great results while helping our clients keep growing and streamline their resources. We work with our clients, providing best-in-class teams with an outstanding service level to boost their impact and growth, with Tech Teams passionate about their business, the customer, and technology.

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