AI for compliance in banking: Role in fraud risk reduction

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Jan 16, 2024 12:01:51 PM

Artificial Intelligence in banking applications and software solutions has significantly transformed how companies access and manage their finances. Because it allows them to reduce costs, increase productivity, and make informed decisions. In addition, its intelligent algorithm can detect fraudulent information in just seconds.

The main reason for the increase in Artificial Intelligence in banking is the amount of data used. Therefore, banks, having access to all this data, can use artificial intelligence technology to overcome human capabilities and predict results.

By including a large number of variables, which is common in the industry, artificial Intelligence plays a crucial role, benefiting companies in countless ways.

Benefits of Artificial Intelligence in Banking

The tremendous impact of Artificial Intelligence in the banking sector is evident because it has been proven to facilitate process automation, improve customer experience, mitigate countless risks, and significantly increase the efficiency and transformation of overall business operations. Here are some of its benefits:

  • Improve fraud detection

    AI makes it possible to analyze large amounts of data and detect fraudulent transactions more efficiently than humans because machine learning algorithms can learn from previous fraud cases to identify patterns and anomalies that can be used to prevent future fraud.

    Today, users perform millions of transactions daily through online applications or accounts, such as bill payments, cash withdrawals, check deposits, and more. For this reason, there is an urgent need for the banking sector to improve its fraud detection performance. 

    This is where Artificial Intelligence is vital in fulfilling banks' functions. Because AI machine learning enables them to identify fraudulent activities, track system failures, minimize risks, and improve overall financial security.

  • Confronting cyber threats

    AI helps banks to deal with cyber threats successfully. It is essential to consider that according to VMware, in 2020 there was a 238% increase in cyber-attacks on financial institutions, thus making it the industry with the highest number of attacks. Implementing artificial Intelligence solutions, such as Transmit Security's Response Detection platform, is greatly useful in preventing such frauds.

    Such a platform can constantly collect information from dozens of parameters, including device fingerprinting, behavioral biometrics, bot detection, network analysis, authentication strength, and application activity patterns.

    In addition, it can identify global threats, fraud patterns, and typical individual user behavior. Thus, even if the correct user credentials are stolen in a cyber-attack, it can promptly detect and stop the fraud.

    In this way, artificial Intelligence performs continuous AI monitoring, and banks can respond to potential cyber-attacks that may affect employees, customers, or internal systems.

  • Personalized customer care

    Artificial Intelligence helps banks deliver personalized customer experiences. It enables banks to perform data analysis and understand their customers' preferences and financial behavior to offer them personalized financial solutions; in this way, they can ensure greater customer satisfaction and loyalty.

    Regarding customer service, chatbots are one of the most effective functions of Artificial Intelligence. Once configured, they work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, allowing humans to use their time more efficiently on queries that require personalized attention.

    An excellent example of this functionality in banking applications is the AmEx chatbot offered by American Express. These credit cards allow cardholders to link them to the AmEx chatbot, an instant messaging service that sends personalized recommendations and notifications.

  • Operational efficiency

    The automation of tasks and the optimization of operations are two essential factors in which the role of AI in banks is critical. Because process automation not only helps to achieve significant cost savings but also provides greater operational efficiency.

    With AI in banking, organizations can automate various tasks, such as data entry, account reconciliation, document processing, and more efficiently. In addition, it allows you to speed up specific online processes by offering real-time services, as some are processed by AI, improving the final service's quality.

    Pragma is implementing artificial Intelligence to improve its processes, including generating test cases for code. Such automation decreases the need for human management to focus only on essential tasks, reduces the risk of errors, and speeds up process completion.

  • Risk management

    Globally, external factors such as currency fluctuations, natural disasters, or political instability significantly impact the financial sector. Therefore, during these periods of volatility, it is essential to make business decisions with caution because they can have decisive consequences.

    Artificial Intelligence in the banking sector is capable of predictive analytics that gives a reasonably accurate picture of what will happen, helping banks be prepared to make timely decisions because AI algorithms identify patterns of behavior to predict risks.

    The process facilitated by AI allows for a significant reduction in predictive analysis time and resources required and offers loans that are safer for both parties. Therefore, AI is considered an excellent tool to help make informed decisions. However, it is always advisable to seek expert help in all processes.

The potential of AI in fraud detection

Integrating AI technology in banks for fraud detection and risk management is crucial because cyber threats are becoming increasingly sophisticated. Because AI algorithms analyze transaction patterns in real-time, they flag suspicious activity and significantly reduce the risk of fraud. 

With the help of Pragma's software, you can enjoy all the benefits of AI in fraud detection and assess credit risks to make informed lending decisions. We are a trusted partner with AWS certification in Data and Analytics, which certifies that our team can analyze many data points.


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