AWS Textract: this is how we used it to speed up document processing

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Aug 18, 2022 2:46:07 PM

Using Optical Character Recognition technology not only helps to process the physical documents of a business, but it is also a unique opportunity to collect information, automate manual tasks, accelerate processes and improve customer experience.

We have already discussed how tools like AWS Textract and Amazon Comprehend can streamline processes in the financial world and retail companies.

For that reason, in this article, we'll dive into detail to see how Amazon's cloud tools can be used to capture structured and unstructured information, store it on a cloud server and give businesses powerful insights from which you can continue to build innovative services and experiences.

What documents can you process with an OCR tool in the cloud?

The great advantage of using AWS tools to extract information from physical documents is that, unlike other options on the market, they have a high level of flexibility. This without metioning the most important fact: they can recognize structured and unstructured information. This means they can deal with information presented in tables, recognize and group content by cells, and filled-in-fields in forms. 

  • Using Amazon Textract can also help to get information located in different columns:

  • Regardless of its orientation

  • From documents with variable structures

  • And it can also segment information and extract data from documents that are not in perfect condition.

Some applications

Tools like Amazon Textract and others from the AWS ecosystem are already bringing innovative solutions to different industries. One of these applications has to do with supplier payments.

Accelerate the supplier payment process

Imagine a company with thousands of suppliers, each with a different format for invoicing.

Using an Optical Character Recognition tool, such as Amazon Textract, the cloud-based software can recognize and extract the relevant information fields regardless of the variations. This technology improves the company's interactions with its suppliers, automating manual processes, and is also the basis for achieving real-time visualization of the status of each payment.

Validation of documents and certificates

Some companies hire large numbers of personnel and need to ensure the legitimacy of the educational certificates of their future employees.

In these cases, having a tool that can extract information and certify the authenticity of such documents is essential.

The task is not an easy one. Let's think briefly about the slight variations that high school diplomas from multiple educational institutions can have.

Again, in these scenarios, creating a system that includes tools like AWS Textract can be the solution, reducing operational burdens and improving the experience for job applicants.

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