AWS Retail Competency: Pragma’s New Quality Seal

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May 28, 2024 7:38:25 AM
AWS Retail Competency: Pragma’s New Quality Seal

In October 2023, Pragma reached a new milestone by obtaining the Amazon Web Services Retail Competency. This recognition is given to organizations that have demonstrated their technical expertise and a high level of effectiveness in driving the growth of partners in the retail industry through AWS-based solutions.

As explained by Miguel Viana Suarez, Head of Cloud Business Development at Pragma, this seal also recognizes Pragma’s capabilities beyond the technical level: 

“This seal endorses Pragma as a partner capable of doing business, not only with software development capabilities but also with strategic business capabilities, both in retail and CPG.”

To achieve this certification, AWS analyzed several projects in which Pragma built innovative solutions and demonstrated its ability to improve user experience, automate processes, and increase the value obtained from data, among other benefits impacting both the customer and the end user. 

Here, you can learn more about some of these success stories and the AWS tools we used to build them.

For Carolina Gómez, leader of digital ecosystems at Pragma, this recognition is a clear message for companies looking for a partner to drive their digital transformation:  

“AWS is telling people to rely on Pragma; they know what they are doing and have success stories to back them up.”

Both Gómez and Viana emphasize that, with the Retail Competency, there is also a message for Pragma employees, as it confirms that they are part of a company that is among a select group of organizations specialized in building solutions for the retail industry and, therefore, can take on increasingly exciting and demanding challenges.


A special partner of AWS

The AWS Retail Competency is just one of Pragma’s recognitions recently received. 

In June, Pragma earned the AWS Rising Star award for its outstanding work as an Amazon partner in the region. At the time, Juan Sebastián Botero, Director of Cloud Business at Pragma, highlighted the possibilities that this implied to reach the highest level of partnership that AWS offers its partners. 

Moreover, the Retail Competency joins three other AWS Competencies that Pragma has accumulated.

These DevOps and Digital Customer Experience Competencies certify years of work that have managed to position Pragma as a benchmark for its ability to use AWS services to accelerate the digital transformation of its partners.

To learn more about the AWS competencies, services, and programs offered by Pragma, we invite you to continue reading.

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