High-Performance Teams in Nequi


About the client

Nequi is a digital bank created in April 2016 as a corporate project of Bancolombia. It allows users to make financial transactions through an internal chat on their cell phones at no cost and bridges the gap in access to the financial system.

Nequi focuses on the customers, understanding people’s relationship with banking and recent technologies to reduce the gap in access to the financial system. It has a community that increasingly finds more options, ease, and innovation to manage their money.

First neobank in Colombia
13.5 million users
Approximately 400,000 new monthly registrations

What was the challenge?


Offer value and enrich the user experience with new payment, savings, and credit services, considering the needs of people who do not have access to the banking system. 

Join Nequi and form a high-performance team, working with agile methodologies in harmony and collaboration with other providers at the client’s offices; deliver consistent and quality results, have defined roles, and go into production every 15 days with the best updates for users.

Our Outcome


2 out of 5 Colombians have the Nequi app.


Every 15 days, we come out with app updates.


We contributed to the opening of the first digital bank in Panama. 

Every 15 days, the Nequi App goes into production with small deliveries, which helps avoid errors, innovate and adjust more to what the user needs, and guarantee a better experience.

We contribute to reducing the gap in access to the financial system. Twenty-six percent of the Colombian population uses Nequi.


Nequi is an agilism success story. Therefore, we are a partner in implementing agile methodologies. This work allowed Bancolombia to see a partner with experience and high knowledge in us. Thus, we closed 2018 with 80 developers in its offices; by 2022, we will have 110 people.

In addition, Bancolombia opened Nequi Panama and became the first Panamanian digital bank. As in Colombia, partnerships are made with companies, businesses, and other applications such as Uber and Cabify.

How we did it?


When we started the Nequi project, we selected experienced developers to form a high-performance team that would integrate with the bank’s innovation team and thus design together a mobile platform that offered financial solutions.

Today, 110 people from Pragma are part of the Nequi team (App, platform, QA, infrastructure). As agile methodologies recommend, we work in the client’s offices, divided into small groups (six or seven people).

We have defined roles, know the roadmap and focus, respect and contribute to the priorities given by the business, and consistently seek to provide greater value in each sprint. We are critical when implementing new user stories because we want to know what is resolved with each new feature.


Technical Leader
Team Leader or Scrum Master
Frontend Architect
Backend Architect
Frontend Developers

Backend Developers
Integration Developers
QA Team
Account Director

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