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About the client

Fondo de Garantías Inmobiliarias is a subsidiary of Fondo de Garantías, a mixed economy company created in 1997 by the National Guarantee Fund (FNG), the Municipality of Medellín, and Medellín Chamber of Commerce for Antioquia.

FGI acts as an institutional guarantor supporting companies in the real estate sector to act upon tenants’ non-payment of rentals, administration fees, and primary home utilities to landlords.

More than 25 years in the market
+5.5 million Colombians benefited
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What was the challenge?


FGI reached Pragma in August 2019 with the need to improve the process of filing applications and credit studies to grant a guarantor for leases. How to reduce response times and adjust to the needs of member real estate agencies?

At the time, FGI had two channels for this process: a physical one that involved the transfer of advisers to the office and the delivery of all the customer documentation in an envelope and an email where they could send the applications.

This process not only implied a high operating burden for the entity but also took two business days to respond to an application, meaning that the response time would not cater to the needs of member real estate agencies.

Our Outcome


We went from 2 days to 4-5 hours for studying applications.


More than a thousand advisors benefited.


We went from 2 business days to respond to an application to responding on the same day.

We could lower the time to study applications from 4 to 5 hours and respond on the same day of the application, reducing the operational load that FGI had.

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The application went into production in 2 months thanks to three essential factors: clarity in the definition of the Minimum Viable Product, the alignment of each sprint with the commitments made, and the professionalism and talent of the team that managed to respond in the right time.
Finally, for Pragma and FGI, it was also a learning experience to use agile methodologies with traditional clients and those without operations focused on technology. It allowed the development of communication platforms between servers and accounts for Pragma’s ability to respond to clients’ financial and technical needs and support the companies’ digital transformation process.

How we did it?


For Pragma, it was imperative first to understand the needs of end customers, that is, real estate agents. Under Scrum frameworks, user stories were gathered, and the Minimum Viable Product was estimated, considering the delivery time and FGI’s budget.

Pragma arranged a team with extensive mobility knowledge and proposed an application on a server in the Amazon cloud, something new for the client. We began with all the technological deployment that implied the construction of APIs and Microservices for the connectivity between the application and the servers with which FGI works.
 Additionally, advice was given on the configuration of Amazon server environments since the client is the one who governs the infrastructure. A chat was set up in the application that allowed direct communication between advisors and FGI to monitor the status of applications.


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