Monitoring and observability

Gain critical insights to evolve your technology ecosystem. Achieve your objectives based on an in-depth understanding of your app's working conditions. 

Bannner Monitoring and observability

Our teams specialize in delivering results in:


Implementation services

Monitoring and observability operations

CloudOps management 

The promise of Monitoring and observability 

  1. Provides clear KPIs for detecting apps degradation

  2. Detects problems with specific services or non authorized activities

  3. Helps in debugging meaningful events

  4. Provides info for analyzing middle and long term trends for capacity planning and business purposes

Benefits of AWS and Pragma

Not all the companies are in the same stage of achieving a monitoring and observability maturity state. Pragma understand the challenge, so we start with an assessment to identify the current state of definitions, solutions, implementation and culture, and based on that, propose a plan to improve. 


Monitoring and observability1

Together with the client we identify the critical components required for a complete monitoring and observability solution, including: metrics, traces, logs, alerting, notification, escalation process, and service components required according to the solution to monitor. These components should include both the technical perspective as the customer experience.


Monitoring and observability2

We understand monitoring and observability as a practice not just related to technical information, but about the business so you can have relevant information and insights for improving your IT practices and how they support your business.


Pragma and AWS have the tools and capabilities to support you in your journey to evolution.  Deep insights from AI/Ops are valuable to optimize your operations. Pragma can implement AWS AI/OPS services across one application or your entire fleet to generate those insights.

Our approach is to work alongside you and your organization’s stakeholders to conduct an assessment of your existing business and technology needs to recommend a solution roadmap tailored for you.

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