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Achieve your business objectives with our omnichannel and transactional digital experience solutions.


How to approach a digital project?

Identify the business objectives and the people who will use the solution through experimentation and validating hypotheses to make better decisions in solution design and business conduct.

Design solutions that drive our clients’ strategies based on business objectives and good practices in the IT industry.

Implement and operate solutions with the AWS Well-Architected framework, which ensure good practices at the level of operation, security, reliability, performance, and cost optimization, among others.

Leverage the power of AWS and respond to technical and business needs

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It guarantees the service’s high availability, data durability, and the structuring of data’s internal components to meet the performance specified in the tables.

amazon Dymond

Used as a user directory to easily store mobile user data such as login and password, additional user entity data, user status, etc.

Amazon Cognito

Used as a fully managed service to create, publish, operate, monitor, and secure APIs at any scale.

Amazon API Gateway

Used to operate as a web server for tacticians, calling the pages of these sites via GET/POST or utilizing the SDK script to access those of AWS directly if necessary.  

Amazon S3

Used to increase the performance of web applications and significantly decrease the latency of content delivery to clients.


Used as a managed push notification service for Apple iOS, Android, and other mobile devices, as well as destinations such as Amazon SQS queues, AWS Lambda functions, e-mail addresses, SMS, and HTTP endpoints.

Amazon SNS

The main component of the Middleware; this is where all the exposed micro-services are deployed so that the applications can function properly, according to business needs.

Amazon EKS

A central pillar to develop the monitoring strategy of the mobile solution. With Cloudwatch, optimize resource usage, resolve issues, and discover insights to keep your solution running smoothly.

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Great outcome, real impact

We take ownership of your challenges, objectives, and results as if they were ours to achieve excellent outcomes with real impacts together. 



An AWS-powered solution for an investment and capital bank

We used Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment to build a secure, cloud-based trasactional portal. 

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Two decades of transforming customer relationship management

Since the early days of the internet in Colombia to the unbounded power of cloud solutions, we helped Grupo Familia create innovative ways to interact with clients. 

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