Muverang: Sustainable Mobility at Your Fingertips


About the client

Muverang derives from a partnership between three great Colombian companies: Sura (insurance), Celsia (energy), and Bancolombia (banking), as a sustainable mobility solution aiming to contribute to the well-being of people, companies, and the environment.

Through Muverang, people and companies have access to electric scooters, bikes, cars, or motorcycles, thus reducing CO2 emissions and decongesting roadways in the cities where it operates. The Muverang mobility service already operates in Medellín, Bogotá and Cali. As the project's strategic partner, Pragma works to deliver value to the initiative's users. 

2,000 users
1,400 electric vehicles
591 Tons of CO2 avoided

What was the challenge?


Sura, Celsia, and Bancolombia decided to take on a new challenge that was distinct from their core businesses but leveraged them to create tremendous value for people, businesses, and cities. This challenge required the development of robust technological foundations from the start, including end-user applications, a web page for self-managing user subscriptions, and web access for business customers and the administrative/operational team. Additionally, the solution should provide the best customer experience possible with the least amount of friction and the highest level of usability. Thus, Muverang was born as a collection of simple mobility solutions founded on the principles of sustainability, electric mobility, and the use of technology to improve decision-making.


Our Outcome


Available in three Colombian cities


We created the whole infrastructure on AWS Cloud


We improved delivery times

Initially Muverang was only available for the city of Medellín, however, due to the great impact and reception, the initiative is already present in Bogotá, Medellín and Cali.

We contribute to improve efficiency in service delivery and the continuous delivery of improvements in response to customer needs, working hand in hand with Muverang to continue generating value to the initiative, the business and end users.

How we did it?

Pragma assembled a team of 17 pragmatists with various skills for the project. Under the agile Scrum framework, with cloud deployment in Amazon Web Services, we worked to improve delivery times and offer better quality in the final product.

  • Development services: We assisted in developing the project's three initiatives at the frontend, mobile app, backend, IoT, and integrations with platforms and collection schemes.

  • Architecture: We participated in the definition and implementation of architecture under the supervision of the project architects and the three companies.

  • Kappa Infrastructure: We built and provisioned the entire Cloud infrastructure for the project on AWS, then migrated it to t he Bancolombia cloud on AWS.

  • UX/UI: We designed the entire experience, specifically the UX.

  • DevOps: We developed the project's DevOps strategy in collaboration with architecture and Kappa to ensure software development security.


Frontend Developer

Backend Developers

Solutions Architects


DevOps Engineer


Mobile Developer

Design Research

Muverang wishes to strengthen its position as a mobility solution in Colombia that contributes to the sustainable development of cities, the competitiveness of companies and the well-being of its users.


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