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IT Teams - Empower Your Technology Projects

Overcome inertia and supercharge your technology projects with agile IT teams, ready to tackle business challenges and fulfill specific roles.

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Shaped Teams for Your Business Objectives


Respond promptly with the right talent to cover the roles you need.


Create a winning synergy, collaborating seamlessly with your team and other suppliers.

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Achieve Your Business Objectives with Specialized Teams


Software Engineering Expertise

Experience value-driven teams specialized in:

  • Backend Development

  • Frontend Development

  • Architecture Solutions

  • DevSecOps Implementation

  • Mobility Solutions

  • Software Quality Assurance

  • E-commerce Development

  • CloudOps Management

  • Integration Services


Data Science Proficiency

Unlock the power of data with specialized teams in:


  • Data Science and Artificial Intelligence (AI)

  • Data Analytics

  • Data Engineering and data architecture


People centered design solutions

Elevate user experiences and drive business success with specialized teams in:

  • UX Design

  • UI Design

  • UX Research

  • Business Consulting

  • Organic Performance

  • Paid Performance

  • Visual Design

  • Content Design


Empower Your Projects with Powerful Teams 

Achieve excellence with our powerful teams, including:

  • Agile Coaches

  • Team leaders

  • Scrum Master

Work with the support of Pragma's potent IT community. Challenge business status quo, boost results, and increase value. 

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Unlock the Benefits of Staff Augmentation for Your Projects

Acquire professionals for high-demand roles through an agile and effective talent attraction and recruitment process

Efficiently manage turnover with flexible and scalable teams.

Enhance adaptability with professionals committed to continuous technical improvement.

Drive your projects with professionals who receive technical support from the entire organization through Chapters and Knowledge Centers.

Collaborate with experts well-versed in customer business needs and experienced in distributed work models, tools, and processes

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