Cut expenses, scale your businesses, and increase profitability while our high-performance teams build meaningful experiences for your customers.

Many companies recognize the value of outsourcing at least some of their IT development. 

But why is nearshoring a good choice?

Ability to scale  On Demand

Scale On-demand

Onboarding a new employee takes time and energy. Nearshoring allows you to have talented people with specific knowledge in no time.


Reduce costs

Reduce Costs

Nearshoring can reduce around 30% of the costs compared to having internal talent (total cost of ownership).


Skills gap

Close Skills Gap

IT talent, particularly those with specialized skills, is expensive and difficult to find. A nearshoring partner provides you with the most qualified IT talent to meet your needs.

Increase flexibility

Increase Flexibility

Nearshoring helps companies to adapt to market changes and respond to business conditions at a rapid pace.


We are the ideal partner for developing and evolving your technology projects, thanks to a multidisciplinary team focused on agile methodologies and best practices.


Our Capabilities

  • Solutions Architect
  • Team leaders, Business Analysts, Business Consultant
  • Cloud Specialist: AWS, Azure and CGP
  • Frontend: Angular, React, JavaScript, jQuery, CSS, HTML
  • Backend: Java, Node.js, Go, .NET, Python
  • Mobile: Ionic, Swift, Kotlin, Flutter
  • Scrum Master, Agile Coach, Project Manager
  • DevSecOps
  • UX, UI, UX Research, UX Writer
  • Data: Data Scientist, Data Architect, Data Engineer
  • Functional QA and automation

Talent Solutions

Why Nearshoring With Pragma?


Count on a versatile and flexible team

We provide a versatile and flexible team, remotely located but geographically and culturally close to you, able to be scaled according to your requirements.

Save money and resources

You can save money and resources searching for specialized talent, avoiding recruitment, training, and leveling up investments.

Focus on your core business

You can focus on the main activity of your business operations.

We adapt to your work culture

We can adapt to your organizational culture, time zone, and work style. We strategically become part of your company instead of being just a supplier.

We share our methodologies

We share our methodologies and how we think and develop, generating incremental value in the team that we allocate to your company.

Aligned with American Business standards

We speak your language, aligned with American business standards and eastern time zones.